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Wow, that last post was a downer, huh? Let's talk about something that is far more pleasant, namely "Things Which Are Entirely My Fault!" Today's thing has something of a backstory for me to tell. First off, there is this wonderful game I love to play called Minecraft where you mine, and craft things. Now the server I play this wonderful game on happened to have a let's player as a member, and he decided to offer to let's play any game in exchange for 255 diamonds. Now, anyone who's played the game knows how difficult that would be. But, being one of the oldest players on the server and an unrepentant hoarder, I happened to have mined quite a bit of diamond, and had 255 to spare. The only problem was, which game did I want him to let's play? This was my answer:

I kinda feel that I need to explain more. Well, to put things as succinctly as possible, Revenger of Vengeance was a game that I personally enjoyed as something of a guilty pleasure. I loved the simplistic game mechanics, character designs, and fantasy motif. The only problem was that I had neglected to ever actually try the RPG part of the game, and basically just entertained myself with the pure fighting game modes. Still, I did read a walkthrough and a couple of reviews, and it didn't seem all that bad, so I requested that brickroad let's play the RPG mode of the game. On the one hand, if I had known how bad the RPG mode was I would have never asked him to try and play it. On the other, I am so glad I was ignorant of the true horror, because the end results were incredibly hilarious.


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